Friday, May 29, 2009

First Birthday Pictures

A couple weeks ago we went in for Brayden's One Year pictures. He did so well in the studio and in front of the camera. I was so excited to see the shots...AND THEN the photographer tells us that none of the pictures uploaded. Ugh! It was hot under those lights, and almost lunch time, I knew we didn't have much time left before Brayden was going to lose it...well we managed to get a few more good shots in, but not many more smiles. In the end - I think I like the serious ones. He looks so innocent. "LOOKS" I said. :)

Enjoy the pictures. These are some of my favorites! Hard to believe my baby will be a year in just 6 short days! Where have the last 359 days gone?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Dates

Brayden loves when his friends come to visit. BUT I think Mommy loves it more - ADULT CONVERSATION is so nice these days...and I don't think that I've ever appreciated it more until I started spending 8-9 hours at home everyday by myself w/my son. Funny how sometimes you find yourself talking to adults in "baby talk" b/c it's just what your use to.

Needless to say...we BOTH enjoy play dates!!!

Dalton and his cousin Abby came over yesterday to visit. Dalton is only 5 days younger then Brayden. He was born on Brayden's due date. We were so glad they made the drive out to see us, w/me keeping a 3-month old it's alot tougher to get out w/two...however KATIE DID IT - and we were so grateful she did. The kiddos played so well together for 3 hours straight. As you can see, our formal dining room has been converted to a playroom!

Can you spot the 3 munchkins...lost in the toys???

Here are a few pictures of Brayden and Brooke, Brandi and Brooke visited us last week. We use to live about 20 minutes from each other so the kids would see oneanother at least twice a week, now that we've moved it's alot tougher, so we were really happy to see them. Brooke is 5 weeks younger then Brayden. Don't they make such a cute couple w/those beautiful BLUE EYES?!?! I sure hope they to continue to play well together, b/c their mommies have big plans for them. :)

AND...a few pictures of Baby Cade. It's so funny to watch Brayden and Brooke interact with him. Brayden wants him to play and I think he gets frustrated that he can't just yet, but Brooke is so gentle and sweet and LOVING. She is amazed with babies! She is going to be a great big sister one day. Don't get me wrong Brayden has his loving side to - he gives great hugs and kisses, he just is a bit rougher - I guess that's the difference between boys and girls.

What a cutie pie! Babies Babies EVERYWHERE!

It's so neat to watch all of these little ones grow up together! Each with their own personality and ALL so precious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brayden's Dedication

Sunday was a special day for us, not only was it Mother's Day but it was also Brayden's Dedication at church. Baby dedication is a time for parents to dedicate their children to the Lord and to commit to raising them according to God's principles. The dedication took place at Fellowship of The Woodlands (now known as WoodlandsChurch) by Pastor Kerry Shook. I want to thank everyone again who was able to attend this special event. Steve and I appreciate you being there! In case you missed it you can view a video of the ceremony through the link below - be sure to click on the 11:30 service time. It's a lengthy ceremony considering Brayden was joined by over 40 other babies (200 total were dedicated over Mother's Day Weekend-isn't that AMAZING!), so if you want to fast forward we are about half way through.

Check out the set of quads (first babies to be dedicated). Can you imagine???

What a perfect gift for my first Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We've Moved!

As most of you know we finally moved! After our expierence this time Steve and I decided that we are retiring in this house. Trying to time our move and avoid living somewhere temporary was only half of the hassle. We found our house fairly quick. We knew where we wanted to live - so we just had to find a home that had what we wanted and one we could afford (the tougher part). I want it all! :) We viewed 4 houses in Walden the day we first looked at our new home. We weren't "WOWED" by the first three but I think we started to convince ourselves we were since the clock was ticking until we would be kicked out of ours. From the moment we drove up to this house, we both knew it was "The One". Finding it was the easy part, from there it was a roller coaster ride. To spare you all the details, I'll just say it will be the last time we ever move.

Our buyers on our old home were very wishy washy towards the end (should've known it was to good to be true selling in 10 days), our appraisal came in lower then expected due to the market, our financing company was so slow that it was hours before closing and we still didn't have documents, and on top of all of that we picked the worst day weather wise to move. It was a rainy Friday. The weather was horrible. BUT - we made it. WE LOVE IT! And we can't wait for you to see it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Entering the Blogging World...

During the time I was pregnant I told everyone including myself that I would start blogging once Brayden was born so that everyone would be able to follow his milestones, never missing a beat. Since the day Brayden was brought into this world life has been 90MPH...what was I thinking - who has time for blogging??? I didn't have (still feel as I don't many days) time to shower, do the laundry, watch American Idol....I had no idea how time consuming it would be to raise A child - that's right - I only have one. "Life at The Womack House" is very different now- a GOOD different - more exciting, louder, messier and filled with more love then we could've ever imagined.

Welcome to our blog! Now, 11 months later I hope to update this blog on a regular basis. I follow a couple bloggers and really enjoy it - which is part of the reason I finally decided to create ours. I hope you enjoy reading about what's going in our home as much I enjoy reading about what's going on in yours! :)