Thursday, October 15, 2009

Learning to feed myself!

Two in one week - WOW! I wanted to include this on my last update, but got inpatient downloading the videos. A couple weeks ago I tried letting Brayden feed himself for the first time...he did VERY WELL....take a look!

Feeding time is a challenge in our home with Angel (our lab)...Brayden LOVES to feed her every other bite! It's a constant battle to keep food on his tray...needless to say - feeding time requires close supervison and LOTS of patience! :)


Monday, October 12, 2009


So I became a FaceBook fan about two months ago (thanks sisters for introducing me to my new hobby)'s definitely addicting but exciting to reconnect with lots of old friends. Anyhow, I've been consumed in social networking and just realized I'm neglecting my blog!
Life at the Womack House has been just as chaotic as usual! Were preparing for the holidays, cleaning closets and making room for new toys! Brayden is at such a fun age right now, he is like a huge sponge, soaking up so much of what he sees and hears in everyday life! It amazes me how fast he catches on to things. He's growing up SO fast - TO baby is a toddler!

I just caught up on downloading all my pictures from the summer. I couldn't believe how much Brayden had changed from his 1 year Birthday Party to now - just 4 months later!

Everyone tells you - how fast they grow, enjoy every minute, take lots of pictures...I've done all those things, but I still want to freeze time! It's all going by just way to fast...
I wanted to post a few recent pictures and some cute videos we captured over the last couple months...and I promise to do better at updating - especially with the holidays ahead!

Loves climbing on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!



Yes, he is laying on the concrete. We were at my Mom's...he was so sleepy but fighting it.

Forget the toys, just give me a BOX! :)

My little BIG Boy Helper! He's going to be a great big brother one day!

He LOVES Baby Cade...he is the first to his side when he cries, when he sees me make his bottles he gets all excited b/c he knows he gets to give it to him...he's still anxiously waiting for Cade to be able to play with him...but it won't be long, as Cade will be crawling any day!!!

Brayden was 16 Months on October 4th...WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????