Friday, July 24, 2009


"Excuse Me"

Brayden loves it outside! Unfortunately we haven't been spending as much time outside as he'd like - due to the summer heat. Although, the heat doesn't seem to bother him. After 5 minutes, I'm ready for some A/C. If the door opens, he is running for it and if your quick enough to catch him before he gets away...he becomes very upset! Of course Daddy is loving it - "he's going to be an outdoors man", he says. I hope Brayden likes fishing and hunting, because I have a feeling he will be participating in it whether he likes it or not!
Just wanted to add a few recent pictures of Brayden enjoying some FUN IN THE SUN!
As you can see, were enjoying our summer despite the triple digit temperatures! Hope you are too!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FINALLY...13 Months Later...

I'm almost scared to write this post - thinking it'll jinx me...but I'm so excited - I have to share. For 13 months Brayden woke in the middle of the night...for the first 5 1/2 months he woke up 5-6 times a night - it was exhausting and frustrating. Unfortunately that was only half his sleep issues - he also had a hard to falling asleep (probably my fault for always rocking him). It was a 30-45 ordeal to get Brayden to go to sleep at night. We would bounce him, rock him...until finally he dozed off. We had no idea what were creating for ourselves. After a couple sessions with a wonderful sleep consultant named Nichole Johnson (you can visit her site here: - at 5 1/2 months we moved Brayden to his own crib and tried the crying it out method. It was horrible. I cried with him the first night - after about 10 minutes I gave in and went to get him, I cried and cried, apologized for doing that to him, and he fell asleep in my arms that night. The next night, I was ready to try again...this time I didn't go get him, but still cried as I watched him on the video monitor. I hated every minute of it and thought there had to be a better way! But I continued to remind myself that he needed sleep and so did Mom and Dad so SOMETHING had to change. Eventually after several weeks, Brayden was going to sleep on his own without our help. That solved problem #1. But for the last 8 months he continued to wake up throughout the night. The number of times he woke up decreased but up until May he was still waking TWICE a night...then finally it dropped to ONCE a night...and THEN on July 5th, Brayden suddenly stopped waking up at night...I thought it was a fluke, maybe I just didn't hear him or maybe the monitor wasn't up loud enough...whatever it was I didn't think it was the beginning of something WONDERFUL...but now 8 nights later...he is still sleeping through the night. I can't believe it!

Every time Brayden would wake up- I'd offer him a bottle, I knew he was to old for that but it was the only thing that would get him to go back to sleep, I was tired and I knew it was a 5 minute pediatrician kept telling me I'm creating a really bad habit and only making it worse on myself ...but something in me (along w/my Mom) kept telling me, when he's ready - he'll stop...and he did! I hope. :)

Of course I still wake up at least once throughout the night, I don't think I'll ever sleep as sound as I did before I became a Mommy, but that's OK - it's so much nicer to wake up on my own and not to a crying baby!

If your reading this and know anyone who's battling sleep issues with their baby or toddler I strongly encourage you to share this website: Every piece of advice she gave me throughout the last 13 months was helpful...and it's not all just about sleep.

We have learned so much with Brayden. I can promise you that so much will be different with the next one. :) I'll post some new pics soon.

Well...I'm off to enjoy some ZZZZZ's myself. Goodnight!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brayden's First Haircut!

Another belated post...I'm really falling behind...the two hours I have to myself everyday (while Brayden naps) seem to always be booked with the not so fun stuff (laundry, housecleaning, paying bills, etc)'s hard to find any free time these days. When he's up - he keeps me running!

So we finally gave Brayden a haircut. It was the week before his birthday (shows how belated this post really is), but I wanted to show pictures! After he received a couple comments from loving friends/family members that he was growing a mullet, Mommy said "that's it - where are the clippers Dad?" I guess I envisioned the first haircut to be a big event at the barber shop w/Mom and Dad snapping pictures, while Brayden sat in the booster chair w/a gown on....anyways....not so much what happened! As you'll see below - Daddy was his barber and he did a FANTASTIC job and the best part - it was FREE! We like that word! We pulled out the Bumbo seat and used that as the barber chair. Worked well!

Brayden didn't know what to think of the loud buzzing clippers, he had to touch them, hold them, play w/them first before he'd let Daddy even get them close to his head. Overall, he did pretty well. Fortunately Brayden doesn't have much hair yet to begin with, so it was quick and painless! His attention span (of about 2 minutes), bought us just enough time to do the job.

What a handsome fella - I must say! :)