Friday, June 19, 2009

Brayden goes swimming!

We finally visited our neighborhood pool a couple weeks ago and have been back twice since. We LOVE it. For those of you who have visited the Walden pool know what I'm talking about. We feel like were on vacation when were down there. It's wonderful! A great place to sit back and relax, have a margarita poolside - what else could you ask for?

This was Brayden's first time to go swimming - should have known he'd like it since his favorite place to be besides in my arms is the bathtub.

Here are a few pictures of Daddy and Brayden cooling off from the excruciating TEXAS HEAT.

Well can you believe it - Daddy actually snatched the camera to capture this Kodak moment. Finally one of me w/my handsome little man...after a day at the pool we were exhausted. We came home showered and had some cuddle time before bed. I don't get much of that anymore!

I love this little guy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brayden Turns ONE!

A belated post but one I've been waiting to do...

Thursday Brayden turned ONE! My baby is a toddler. Wow - what a year! I sat at the dinner table Thursday night with Steve after Brayden went to bed and shared moments/memories of the day Brayden was born. I remember it like it was yesterday...

On Monday June 4th, we made a trip to L&D around 10PM. I can't help but laugh now when I think back at it...we were laying in bed - timing my contractions, when they got to 4-5 minutes apart we packed up and got in the car. But - the funny thing was - I wasn't even in pain, just a bit uncomfortable. It was my first go-around with this. I didn't know what I was looking for or waiting to feel - could this be it? Of course, once we got to the hospital the nurses knew I wasn't in labor but hooked me up to the monitor and checked to see if I had dilated. 2CM! So you know the drill...well those of you who've had babies do - WALK! It was late, I was tired, I knew it wasn't time. I felt silly walking the floor with other soon to be mommies who could barely stand up when their contraction hit. Needless to say - the nurse told me - YOU'LL KNOW! But will I?

So we headed home to get some rest - we would need it for what was to come...

Tuesday morning, Steve gets up and goes to work. I start my day...all morning I could feel my contractions but still no pain - AND the afternoon went got more and more intense. Not unbearable but definitely uncomfortable. I went for a walk, and made it only half way down the street - now I knew what those ladies in L&D the night before were going through...but still I was doubting was this it? I went home...laid in bed, the pain intensified. I got in the bathtub. Nothing soothed the pain. It's an indescribable feeling. FINALLY, I called Steve. He left work to head home, by now it was about 4:30PM. By the time Steve walked in the door - I was leaned over the bed crying - AND STILL...I didn't know if this was it. I think I was worried that it wasn't and didn't want to look foolish going back to the hospital where I was just 12 short hours ago. SO - Steve and I started some of our techniques we learned in LaMaze class...we did this for about 30 minutes until finally Steve said - "Lets Go...It's Time". So off we went. I'd never seen Steve in such a state of panic. He was feeling everything I was...excitement, nervous, anxious, scared...he flew down the road w/his flashers on. Again, I laugh as I write this b/c I can see it like it was yesterday. He pulled up to the hospital, got me in a wheelchair and in to L&D we went. Truck still running, doors open, parked in the front of the hospital! :)

I think everyone knew we were new at this!

This time the nurses knew I was in labor and bypassed the screening and admitted me right away. I can honestly say I had never expierenced a pain like what I went through for those 2-3 hours. It was BAD! To make a long story short - I labored all night, but after I received my epidural, everything was so much better - I then reassured myself "I can do this". I remember being so dehydrated and just wanting to drink water so bad. I told Steve as soon as Brayden is born I want a huge glass of ice water waiting for me. I didn't get much sleep Tuesday night, b/c I was just to anxious. The nurses didn't really tell me much and I guess I thought it could happen any minute...didn't want to fall asleep and miss it. J/K! Around 7-7:30AM Wednesday June 4th, my doctor finally came in to see me (I had an appointment with her at 8:30 that morning). She checked me and said your at a 10, your ready! Brayden was born that morning at 9:38AM.

He was perfect! Beautiful! Healthy! 7lbs 2 oz.

Now, my 22.5 lb boy is ONE! Time goes by so fast when your having fun! We love him so much and although it's only been a year, we can't remember life without him.

I feel so blessed to have been able to spend the last year at home with him, it's something I never thought would be possible. I am so thankful to my husband for that! I never missed a beat. I was there for the first smile, first time he rolled over, when he started crawling ,first step. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I pray everyday that I'll be able to continue to stay at home w/him and watch him grow.

We had a big birthday celebration at our house Saturday. Pictures to come! We had a great day with friends and family. The much anticipated cake wasn't all it was built up to be...he must be like his mom - not big on sweets b/c he wanted nothing to do with it! I'm sure he'll make up for it next year. Below are a few pictures taken on his actual birthday. I baked a birthday cake and we had our own birthday party Thursday night.

Happy Birthday sweet Brayden! We love you so much!!!