Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brayden's First Haircut!

Another belated post...I'm really falling behind...the two hours I have to myself everyday (while Brayden naps) seem to always be booked with the not so fun stuff (laundry, housecleaning, paying bills, etc)'s hard to find any free time these days. When he's up - he keeps me running!

So we finally gave Brayden a haircut. It was the week before his birthday (shows how belated this post really is), but I wanted to show pictures! After he received a couple comments from loving friends/family members that he was growing a mullet, Mommy said "that's it - where are the clippers Dad?" I guess I envisioned the first haircut to be a big event at the barber shop w/Mom and Dad snapping pictures, while Brayden sat in the booster chair w/a gown on....anyways....not so much what happened! As you'll see below - Daddy was his barber and he did a FANTASTIC job and the best part - it was FREE! We like that word! We pulled out the Bumbo seat and used that as the barber chair. Worked well!

Brayden didn't know what to think of the loud buzzing clippers, he had to touch them, hold them, play w/them first before he'd let Daddy even get them close to his head. Overall, he did pretty well. Fortunately Brayden doesn't have much hair yet to begin with, so it was quick and painless! His attention span (of about 2 minutes), bought us just enough time to do the job.

What a handsome fella - I must say! :)

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